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Change your life in ten areas: Spiritual, Family, Health, Financial, Business/Career, Personal, Educational, Recreational, Civic, and Creativity. The McNeill Factor is a proven system that has taken over thirty-seven years to develop to perfection. Take full advantage of the system, and you will achieve astounding results.

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Discover the Art of Building a Successful Mastermind Group!

How to Start and Run a Successful MasterMind Group

If you are going to be successful, it helps to have skills in using the right tools. One of the most unknown tools of the successful is the mastermind.

A mastermind is NOT just a glorified meetup. With the right processes, masterminds will push people to their goals and beyond.

There is a right way to do masterminds!

Workbook: How to Start and Run a Successful MasterMind Group

Building the skill of being a master-minder that gets goals accomplished is going to require consistent massive action. You can shorten the learning curve to becoming a successful mastermind with massive explicit action.

The McNeill Factor Workbook gives you a step by step, easy to follow clear action guide. You will be able to go through all the key pillars of a powerful mastermind.This guide works. Works almost as good as having Ann McNeill next to you holding your hand.

Journal: A Daily Date With Myself

The most important person in your life is you. There is nothing more important than your improvement, fulfillment, and self-development.

How do you keep track of your path to your best self?

Ann McNeil introduces A Date With Myself Daily Journal. This journal takes self-care to a new level as you reflect at the end of each day to record your opportunities, your lessons learned, what you’re thankful for and the desires of your heart.


If you would like both the book and workbook we are offering both at the special price of $60 up until May 30th 

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