Tonsil Stones – What are Tonsils Meant For?

Usually, people think that stones can only form in the gall bladder, urinary bladder or kidneys. But the true fact is, that they can be present in several others glands of the human body. The most commonly affected glands of the body are tonsils, which are located in your throat back side region.

What are Tonsils Meant For?

Tonsils are the glands which have a muscular structure in a pocket on each side of the throat back. These are made up of tissues which consist of lymphocytes. Hence, tonsils are responsible for preventing infections and dangerous diseases that can enter through the throat passage. If your immune system is good and able to fight back, then you must thank your tonsils for it. However, when some infection hits the body via water contamination or food allergies, then they directly affect the tonsils and infection is formed in a stone structure known as tonsil stones removal The polyps created above the tonsil pockets are responsible for the painful throat. You will feel utter pain in your throat while eating and drinking.

What are the Main Causes of the Tonsil Stones?

There are certain types of crannies and nooks in the tonsil location where you can find bacteria and some sort of materials integrated with mucous and dead cells. They often trap with each other when infection strikes and the debris from a concentrated white thick stone inside the pocket.

Tonsil stones are the form of the trapped white debris which later thickens so much that immense pain is felt in the throat back region. Chronic inflammation may even cause you high fever and body ache.

What are Its Symptoms?

Bad breath is the major symptom that you can smell even when you are not eating an onion or garlic. This indicates that some infection has seriously taken place and need to be treated quickly.

A sore throat is another chief symptom which reveals that you are carrying the chronic infection in your tonsil area in the form of tonsil stones. This pain creates difficulty for the sufferer in eating as well as drinking water. In fact taking saliva inside your throat can be a horrible painful job.

How to Cure Tonsils Stones?

You can cure tonsil stones by two methods-

  • Consult the doctor and have antibiotics for a certain period
  • A doctor will prescribe you some test or will instantly diagnose by looking inside your throat putting spatula upon your tongue for the clear visibility.
  • Citrezen salt or the antibiotic is necessary to consume for 3 to 5 days
  • To relief pain, doctor will put you on sedatives for sometime
  • In case your tonsil stones form on a regular interval, then it is necessary for the doctor to remove tonsils permanently
  • Take homemade citric fruit remedies and hot water gargles
  • You can also get relief from the pain and tonsil stones gradually by regularly doing gargle with Luke warm water including a tablespoon salt. Moreover, you can add ginger juice in a spoon with lemon drops and honey for soothing relief.