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International Mastermind Association

The Ultimate Catalyst for Personal Success

Building wealth isn’t just about working hard and saving pennies. 

In the 10th chapter of Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill unveils the holy grail of personal success; the mastermind. As it turns out, the greatest asset or catalyst too exceptional accomplishment is to be a part of a group that inspires you, that helps you, that holds you accountable to actualizing your dreams. According to Napolean Hill, this is what the elite and wealthy office time all had in common

Ann McNeil has spent 30 years perfecting the Mastermind process through trial and error. The Napoleon Hill foundation had to declare that she had single-handedly produced the most documented evidence of success using The Think and Grow Rich philosophy. This why she is the preeminent Think and Grow Rich Mastermind expert

Masterminds have gone on to be the rage of our time. People are spending up to six figures annually to be a part of masterminds. This is a tremendous testament to the power of masterminds. Unfortunately, it also becomes a hurdle blocking the people who need it the most and is too many from accessing their true potential.

Enter the International Masterminders Association, an association that was developed to give access of Mastermind knowledge to all. It was also founded to give everyday people the skills of masterminding at nominal prices and to educate them about masterminds and how to run them effectively. Best of all one can become a member of International Masterminders Association absolutely free!

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