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The Ten Key Areas of Your Life

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Where Do You Need Balance?

Before you start setting goals for yourself, it’s essential to look at the Ten Key areas of your life. You need to find your places of imbalance so you can define your goals.┬áIf one area is much stronger than another, you know you are out of balance in that area and need to set goals to achieve stability, and continued growth and happiness.

SpiritualRead More

Humans are triune beings. The three parts of our being are our body, mind, and spirit. To become balanced individuals, we must not neglect our spirit.

FamilyRead More

Family is an area often overlooked. We can take for granted that we're automatically putting them first. It's important to have definitive family goals and aspirations.

FinancialRead More

A great deal of the stress that we encounter is because of mismanagement of finances. Sometimes we need help to place everything in our lives into perspective.

HealthRead More

We have only one body, and when it's ruined, that's it. We don't get another one. So, it would be in our best interest to take care of our bodies, our most valuable tool.

EducationRead More

Knowledge is power, and we are on an eternal quest for it. Acquiring knowledge is how we grow as individuals. Developing our knowledge is vital.

Personal Growth and DevelopmentRead More

Personal goals are set to remind us that we have to invest time in ourselves.

Business/CareerRead More

In your business or career, you should have definite goals. The setting and achieving of these goals can be the measure of your growth and success.

RecreationRead More

Our lives can sometimes crowd in on us, and we forget to take a moment to enjoy it all. Sometimes we need a recess - a moment to laugh, have fun, and live.

CivicRead More

This is relative to your community involvement. As citizens, we all must give back to others what we have learned so that we can help fuel the next generation.

CreativityRead More

We all have innate create qualities which are often revealed in subjects that capture our interest. Creativity can come naturally for some. For others, self-discovery, reflections, or perhaps a classroom setting may be utilized to reveal and fine-tune hidden talents.

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