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A Message for Meeting Professionals

Dear Meeting Professionals,

Your work is critical to your organization and selecting an appropriate speaker to deliver the right message may be the difference between an organization that is stumbling and an organization that inspired to rebuild its culture.

You need more than just a good speaker you need someone who understands the pressure on your shoulders to deliver a high-quality high-impact presenter whose presence creates the kind of harmony that gets everybody in the organization on the same page.

My most important job as a speaker is to understand the needs and expectations of the meeting planner. I know that my job is more than just speaking; it’s also about how easy I am to work with and about leaving the organization better than I found it.

When I’ve done that for you, it would have meant that you did your job with excellence, and that’s the commitment that I make to you.

I look forward to delivering a customized presentation and building a relationship with you and your team.


Ann McNeill

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State Farm

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Most Requested Keynotes

The Currency of Diversity

Turning Know, Like & Trust into High Valued Relationships & Profits

Big companies and small companies need each other more than ever to thrive. The future of profitability is embedded in your diversity. The world is changing, and those who can adjust – win. Ann McNeill shows by her experience that we can all breakthrough to higher levels of success in life.

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Currency of Diversity
What will you do at 92

What Will You Do At 92?

Better Choices For A Healthier Now & A Happier Tomorrow

Creating a vision for your dawning years can be the catalyst for living fully. Answering the hard questions about how you want to live in your later life will shape critical decisions today. Those decisions will lead to better choices around health, wealth, and happiness. Ann Mcneill’s special Socratic method awakens dormant potential, arouses untapped passion, and renews the spirit.

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Dream… and Make Your Dreams Come True!

Activating Your Power To Think and Grow Rich

The McNeill Factor is how Ann turned the “Think And Grow Rich” philosophy into a practical daily formula for living your dreams and improving the quality of your life. Improvement comes in every area, including health, wealth, and relationships. Sit at the feet of “The Masterbuilder” as she shares her journey, case studies, and the keys to architecting the life you deserve.

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Dream… and Make Your Dreams Come True_
Turn Your Golden Opportunity Into Gold

Turn Your Golden Opportunity Into Gold

How To Start A Successful Business At 50

Surprisingly, wealthy people become wealthy beyond their 50s. Explore with Ann McNeil how to turn these untapped assets and resources into the building blocks of a successful business. Discover how to leverage your golden wisdom to build an empire at 50 and beyond.

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Financial Empowerment

Achieving Financial Empowerment

Ann McNeill decided when she was dead broke that not only would she study “Think and Grow Rich,” she would live it. As a unique brand of financial empowerment expertise, she paves the accelerated path to thinking and growing rich: Think and grow richer!

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Financial Empowerment


This is what Ann's clients say about her

  • …I would highly recommend leveraging her skills, knowledge and services to take your organization and team to the next level.

    Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Neuroscience | Music | Productivity| C-IQ Coach | Agile PPM | TEDx Speaker
  • …I was glued to my seat and inspired by Ann’s engaging method of sharing timeless wisdom. I look forward to Ann’s next presentation. I’ll be on the front row.

    Lethia Owens Lethia Owens PBS, Market Domination Strategist | Personal Branding Speaker & Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Marketing Strategist
  • What Ann McNeill has taught us, has revolutionized our company and has helped me reach goals consistently…

    Lee Fuller Lee Fuller Fullest Extent Media