What Will You Do At 92?

Better Choices For A Healthier Now & A Happier Tomorrow

Keynote Focus: Becoming Happier, Becoming Healthier, A More Fulfilling Life, Better Motivation Around Work and Life

All too often, we set happiness aside until a later date – when we’re more financially secure, in a better place with our career, or until we’ve accomplished a set goal. But who wants to wait for Happiness? Too many people live life like it’s never going to end, which means too many people end life as if they have never lived.

But if you know how to prepare, you can set yourself up for a joyride all along the way. Answering the hard questions about how you want to live in your later life will shape critical decisions today that will lead to better choices around health, wealth, and happiness. Ann McNeill’s special Socratic method awakens dormant potential, arouses untapped passion, and renews your spirit.

Better Choices For A Healthier Now & A Happier Tomorrow
What will you do at 92


  • Create clarity around your future
  • Discover key questions for self-analysis
  • Learn to live with more meaning and purpose
  • Grow the courage to stick to your mission
  • Unleash passion by unearthing what you are working for

About Ann McNeill

Ann McNeill is a Business and Life Success Strategist, Clarity Expert, Speaker, and Author. Her innovation of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy, The Mcneill Factor, has allowed her to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and business professionals to thrive, feel more effective, and improve their bottom line while simultaneously achieving more work-life balance.

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  • …Ann McNeill and her Mastermind system is amazing…

    Hear Jamie's raving review
    Jamie Glossenger Jamie Glossenger The world's #1 rated personal development podcast host
  • …I would highly recommend leveraging her skills, knowledge and services to take your organization and team to the next level.

    Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Neuroscience | Music | Productivity| C-IQ Coach | Agile PPM | TEDx Speaker
  • …I was glued to my seat and inspired by Ann’s engaging method of sharing timeless wisdom. I look forward to Ann’s next presentation. I’ll be on the front row.

    Lethia Owens Lethia Owens PBS, Market Domination Strategist | Personal Branding Speaker & Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Marketing Strategist