Raving Reviews

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

Vernice is a keynote speaker, a motivational speaker, and a business coach. She's also a former United States Marine Corps officer who was the first African-American female naval aviator in the Marine Corps and the first African American female combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Forces.

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Dr. Willie Jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley is a raving client of Ann McNeill. Hear what he has to say about what Ann McNeill can do for you.

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Jamie Glossenger

Jamie Glossenger, the world's #1 rated personal development podcast host, recommends Ann McNeill.

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Joy Canton

Joy Caton, Florida business owner, celebrates Ann McNeill's techniques.

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Monica Morgan

Monica Morgan praises Ann McNeill for her success.

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Anna Broche

Anna Broche with Ennis Pellum & Associates, CPAs, gives a rave review for Ann McNeill.

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Gina Carr

Gina Carr is an entrepreneur, speaker and marketing consultant. Hear her raving review for Ann McNeill.

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I would say to any organization considering hiring Ann to absolutely do it – so very impressive.

Small Business Owner

Everyone who was fortunate enough to hear her presentation was so impressed; those who missed it were told about it.
I can only speak for myself and wish I had gone to trade school, as well !

Conference Attendee

Ann’s performance was awesome, and what struck me the most was the chronological details beginning w/New Year’s Eve – which everyone could relate to, and ending in her incredible success in life!

Conference Attendee

Ann participated as a speaker/presenter.
Event: Celebrating Black History Month
Host: CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Pompano Beach/Margate/Lighthouse Point
Date: 2/28/2020

Ann’s performance was awesome, and what struck me the most was the chronological details beginning w/New Year’s Eve – which everyone could relate to, and ending in her incredible success in life !
Everyone who was fortunate enough to hear her presentation was so impressed; those who missed it were told about it.
I can only speak for myself and wish I had gone to trade school, as well !
I would say to any organization considering hiring Ann to absolutely do it – so very impressive.
As a paralegal for almost 40 years, my experience working w/Ann was her and her team’s detailed and timely organization of her appearance; incredible with which to work.

Marianne Miccoli Director, Member Relations & Partnerships, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Pompano Beach/Margate/Lighthouse Point

Ann McNeil has forever changed my life. Her patience in making sure you understand your passion from your profit-making activities is unparalleled. She showed me how can I live out my dreams but approach them realistically, and strategically. I can now take my skills, talents, and educational background to new heights. I am forever grateful for the coaching I received from Ann. She is forever on my executive list. Thank you, Ann!

Misty Campbell Real Estate Associate Broker at Exit Strategy Realty
David Banks, Ph.D

I had the honor to be a Co facilitator with the Black NSA Mastermind group and Ann McNeill lead the discussion from the book; Think and Grow Rich. Ann McNeill has stretched my thinking and has cause me to examine my entire life on an annual basis. Ann McNeill is a gift. I’m honored to know her.

David Banks, Ph.D Director of Organization and Professional Development at Human Resources, City of Chattanooga

Ann McNeill is one of the most intuitive coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In just one hour, Ann helped me find more clarity for my message than anyone else had been able to do after several hours of coaching. Ann imposes a laser focus during her coaching sessions and as someone who speaks and thinks tangentially, that discipline allowed me to achieve my goal in an efficient and productive manner. I now have a plan to move forward.

Tonya F. Author l Speaker l Cross-Culturalist
TC Cooper

Ann McNeill is an extremely gifted and talented business coach. She has a special ability to help her clients develop practical, actionable steps from a mass of information. Working with Ann was key in helping me restructure my company’s business lines to meet the needs of existing clients, while sustainably growing in new directions. Anne is a leader’s leader and a thoughtful coach’s coach. I enjoyed working with her.

TC Cooper Social Media & Digital Marketing Consultant | FaithFocusFlow™ Executive Coach | Intellectual Property Attorney
Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP

If your organization is ever in need of a facilitator, a leader or a mastermind guru I would highly recommend Ann McNiel. Ann has a deep understanding and over 40 years of experience leading masterminds, coaching executives, and managing at the highest level of the construction industry. Ann is personable, accessible and a really great person to know and to work with. I would highly recommend leveraging her skills, knowledge and services to take your organization and team to the next level.

Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Neuroscience | Music | Productivity| C-IQ Coach | Agile PPM | TEDx Speaker
Carole Copeland Thomas

She has the type of quiet strength that can easily go unnoticed. However, when you stop and listen long enough, you can hear her lion roar deep inside of her. I have known Ann McNeill for many years, but only recently have I understood the power, poise and persona that has made her such a success in the marketplace. She transformed her achievements as a master builder and multimillion-dollar construction owner into helping others succeed in business. Here expertise in managing mastermind groups is well known throughout the US. I just had the privilege of completing a Black NSA mastermind group that Ann designed through the National Speakers Association (NSA). Because of her guidance and depth of knowledge, I have re-energized my own business tenfold. If you’re serious about taking your business, project or program to the next level, Ann McNeill will definitely help you get there. She is a friend, a colleague and a woman I admire for who she is, what she has done and what she continues to do for others. You won’t find a finer professional than Ann McNeill. I recommend her and cheer her on for all of the positive, quiet energy she will bring your way.

Carole Copeland Thomas Global Diversity Speaker & Trainer • Social Entrepreneur • Certified International Tour Manager
Tonia Morris

I had the awesome opportunity to participated in the Think and Grow Rich mastermind and coaching session with Ann. Ann is very skilled in coaching you to results. Ann listens and provides powerful wisdom to move you forward in the areas you are struggling in. I would highly recommend Ann for coaching. If you are serious about changes, then Ann is YOUR coach!

Tonia Morris President- Simply HR, LLC
Angela Kelly

It’s been nearly 2 years now since I had the opportunity to collaborate and put into action the timeless and valuable advice of Ann McNeill. I am reminded as I rewrite my bio, emphasizing how I rose from an unemployed single mother with a nonexistent income. I met Ann McNeil at a business conference, used products she recommended, and haven’t had to look back since. This meeting has changed the direction of my Life and Business! I would highly recommend Ann McNeil to anyone who seeks lasting success. Thanks Ann!

Angela Kelly Home Business Professional
Lethia Owens

Ann McNeill is one of the most authentic and powerful mentors and speakers I have had the privilege of working with. She is full of wisdom and her strategies are helping me create success in all areas of my life. If you are looking for a standout speaker or exceptional coach and mentor, I highly recommend Ann McNeill.

I had the pleasure of hearing Ann McNeill speak at the Think, Work & Live Powerfully Seminar and her message was transformational. She challenged me, a busy executive, to take a few steps back and evaluate my whole life to determine where the gaps are related to creating a powerful life plan that works for me. I was glued to my seat and inspired by Ann’s engaging method of sharing timeless wisdom. I look forward to Ann’s next presentation. I’ll be on the front row.

Lethia Owens PBS, Market Domination Strategist | Personal Branding Speaker & Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Marketing Strategist
Larthenia Howard

Ann McNeill has helped me on several occasions to pinpoint my career, business, and personal goals. Her techniques are thought provoking, reflective, and powerful. I have been able to realize and accomplish, in a short time period, goals that I attempted many times in the past. A partnership with Ann has yielded much success and a more defined path of visualization and action. Ann McNeill is truly the “Master Builder, Building Master Minds.”

Larthenia Howard Neuro-Leadership Expert, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author & Publisher
Brian Tracy

Only 3% of adults have clear, written, specific, measurable, time-bounded goals, and by every statistic, they accomplish ten times as much as people with no goals at all.

Brian Tracy Brian Tracy International
Beatrice Louissaint

Mastermind has changed my entire outlook on life and has given me direction. I know what my goals are for the next 20 years and I could not say that before I began to use the Mastermind holistic approach.

Beatrice Louissaint President & CEO, Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council
Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP

Personally, I must say you have touched me deeply. Often, I close my eyes and I see your sparkle, hear your words and feel your presence. You shared the idea that you don’t sell, you make appointments. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I knew that God was using you at that very moment. I just hired a commissioned salesperson and during the training I told her, I don’t want you to sell. I want you to set appointments – this has led to amazing appointments which has led to amazing deals, which is leading to amazing sales. My office is buzzing with business and with excitement. The appointment strategy fits so well with your processes and strategies that it amazes me that we didn’t do it before.

Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP

Ann McNeill saw me in church and told me to go and purchase a book I had never heard of called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. For about two months every time she spoke with me in church she would ask me, “Did you get the book?”. And I reluctantly would say, “No”. After being embarrassed because she was very persistent in her wanting me to read this book, I went and purchased the book and began to read it. I think I purchased the book because I didn’t want her to think that I was crazy, because I promised her time and time again that I would get this book. Well, I began to read this book and began to read information that I had never heard before. I became very interested in this book because I had always believed that I was supposed to be successful but just couldn’t quite put my hands on the “it” that would walk me through the process. This book answered a lot of my questions. I began to tell other people about this book and they too had the same revelation. At this point I began to change my thought process.

Gail Seay
Lee Fuller

What Ann McNeill has taught us, has revolutionized our company and has helped me reach goals consistently…

Lee Fuller Fullest Extent Media
John Register, CSP

I love @annmcneill one of #mycavetts at @nsaspeaker is this amazing woman. When she speaks I listen because she will hold me accountable to what she said I need to do. LoL. I love you Ann…

John Register, CSP