Turn Your Golden Opportunity Into Gold

How To Start A Successful Business At 50

Keynote Focus: Rebirth, Having Confidence, Wisdom, Fresh Starts, Life on Your Terms, Retire Rich

It’s never too late to start living and reach your dreams.

Believe it or not, at 50, most people have built a firm foundation for success and don’t know it. You are often clear on who you are and your sense of purpose. You know your strengths and weakness. You’ve shaken off the delusions of youth.  Now is the perfect moment to quit the same old routine, when many people this age are getting ready to check out. The question is…

Can you summon the courage to finally start living?  

Ann will show you how to turn these untapped assets and resources into the building blocks of a successful business. Discover how to leverage your golden wisdom to build an empire at 50 and beyond.

Turn Your Golden Opportunity Into Gold
turn your oppurtunity into Gold


  • Discover how to draw on your wisdom and years of knowledge to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace
  • It’s never too late to build your empire
  • Overcome the fears of “starting late.”
  • Leverage knowing who you are to focus on your strengths
  • Show up as a leader and attract the right people around you to build your success

About Ann McNeill

Ann McNeill is a Business and Life Success Strategist, Clarity Expert, Speaker, and Author. Her innovation of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy, The Mcneill Factor, has allowed her to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and business professionals to thrive, feel more effective, and improve their bottom line while simultaneously achieving more work-life balance.

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This is what Ann's clients say about her

  • …You won’t find a finer professional than Ann McNeill. I recommend her and cheer her on for all of the positive, quiet energy she will bring your way.

    Carole Copeland Thomas Carole Copeland Thomas Global Diversity Speaker & Trainer • Social Entrepreneur • Certified International Tour Manager
  • …I would highly recommend leveraging her skills, knowledge and services to take your organization and team to the next level.

    Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Gerald J. Leonard, PfMP PMP MCP Neuroscience | Music | Productivity| C-IQ Coach | Agile PPM | TEDx Speaker
  • …I was glued to my seat and inspired by Ann’s engaging method of sharing timeless wisdom. I look forward to Ann’s next presentation. I’ll be on the front row.

    Lethia Owens Lethia Owens PBS, Market Domination Strategist | Personal Branding Speaker & Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Marketing Strategist