The McNeill Factor Workbook:

How to Start and Run a Successful MasterMind Group

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Workbook_How to start and run a successful Mastermind group

Ann’s Monthly Workbook

Building the skill of being a master-minder that gets goals accomplished is going to require consistent massive action.

You can shorten the learning curve to becoming a successful mastermind with massive explicit action.

The Mcneill Factor Workbook gives you a step by step, easy to follow clear action guide.

You will be able to go through all the key pillars of a powerful mastermind.

This guide works. Works almost as good as having Ann Mcneill next to you holding your hand.

This guide walks you through creating your annual surveys, affirmations, writing effective goals, developing great action plans that inspire you

to stay the course and so much more.

When you know that you are ready for high-level master-minding, The Mcneill Factor is the way. It is indispensable in your pursuit of success.  This Workbook hones in on helping you to execute meticulously and efficiently your biggest goals and your wildest dreams.

The McNeill Factor Workbook is the hammer in a carpenters tool chest. When you are serious about building a life of extraordinary success on every level of your existence, this workbook quickly becomes your secret weapon. Use it daily for best results!

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The McNeill Factor Workbook

ISBN: 9780983756651