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Ann McNeill MCOWork with Ann and let her help you get unstuck

Would you like to have the confidence to prove how capable you truly are and break through the glass ceiling of the male-dominated construction industry?

Ann McNeill has faced those same challenges. She has torn down the walls to reveal what is possible for women in construction – and is ready to share the tools she used with you!

If you are ready to climb the ladder of success and load your toolbox with the tools you need to do it, then you need to get to know Ann McNeill!

Ann McNeill, better known as “The Master Builder Building Stronger and Better Lives,” is the President and CEO of the International Mastermind Association, an organization that helps people create work-life balance through goal setting. She is also the President and CEO of MCO Construction, a multimillion-dollar company which is the first African American female-owned construction company in the State of Florida. Ann is also the founder of The National Association of Black Women in Construction.

As one of the most experienced Masterminders around, Ann McNeill challenges others to lead lives constructed on the principles of work-life balance and being the Mastermind of your own destiny, which she herself has utilized to reach heights of achievement that have exceeded her own expectations. McNeill is dedicated to helping others reach their goals and enjoy successful lives that give them freedom – freedom to be the architects of their personal success stories.

Ann’s Story

The greatest part of Ann’s story began when, on December 31,1979, a new year – and a new era – was ushered in in the life of Ann McNeill. That was the night Ann chose to forego the usual New Year’s Eve festivities with her husband to read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Mesmerized and inspired by what she read, the book soon became McNeill’s blueprint for creating her own strategic life plan, which dramatically changed her life.

In Think and Grow Rich, McNeill was introduced to the Mastermind concept of goal setting. Once she started applying the principles in the book to her own life, a shift took place and she began the move from mediocrity to excellence. McNeill took the book with her everywhere she went, all the while preaching its principles to anyone who would listen. She gave the book to a small circle of friends at her local church in West Palm Beach and as a gift for birthdays.

As McNeill saw the tangible benefits of the Mastermind principles manifest in her own life, she realized it would be selfish not to share what she had learned with others. And since a major component of the Mastermind concept is accountability, McNeill also needed a group of like-minded people to whom she would be accountable. She started to meet with those she had given the book to for “discussion sessions.” From those discussion sessions, the original Mastermind Women’s Group was formed.

McNeill’s success as a speaker, coach and author stems from those early days of sharing her passion for the core principles of Think and Grow Rich. But it’s her ability to genuinely help others create a blueprint for success and identify the right materials to use in laying a firm foundation – a foundation that builds upon their personal strengths – that sets her apart from the rest.

As a life coach, McNeill speaks both locally and nationally and maintains a commitment to the work-life balance principles of Think and Grow Rich. And when McNeill speaks, a new mindset on how one operates their business, plans their lives and looks toward their future occurs. Her strategies in coaching clients involve her artful expertise in the use of the Mastermind process, which she still employs and credits for the successes in her own life, along with her faith in the Lord.

McNeill believes we all should be planning what we will be doing when we’re 92. Her mission is to empower clients while, at the same time, making them uncomfortable. She believes, and has experienced in her own life, that discomfort can motivate people to greatness and force them to make a shift in how they are living and planning their lives.

Her goal is to increase national awareness for what is possible for women in the construction industry and help other women achieve their highest level of success.

Education and Background

Ann McNeill received her undergraduate degree in accounting from Florida Memorial University and a graduate degree in finance from Barry University.  She spent several years in the financial industry after graduation, but soon joined Thacker Construction Company where she took on major projects with great success. Ann eventually started her own construction company, MCO Construction & Services, Inc., which became known as “the small company with a large presence” with a combined value in excess of $110 million – offering general contracting, construction management and outreach & compliance services. Currently, she holds two general contractor’s licenses and continues to be highly successful in the mostly male-dominated construction industry.

She has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and USA Today and appeared on ABC’s World News and Channel 10 News in south Florida.

Ann and her husband, Daniel, reside in West Palm Beach, Florida.  They have two daughters, Danelle and Ionnie, and one grandson, Malachi.

Ann is the Founder of the following organizations: