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Dear Colleague,

Being here put you in the very tiniest fraction of information marketers. Those who will go to extraordinary lengths and total commitment to becoming the very best they can be. You’re in the right place at the right time.

This boot camp is going to be great! While we will definitely be doing lots of case studies of successful campaigns and strategies-the greatest focus will be on helping you to actually create materials while you’re here. You will leave here with the purpose to build your habits, build up your beliefs in yourself, and keep your mind on the things you do want. You will create a plan by which to achieving it. Always using the power of your own mind. So become acquainted with your mind and what you can do with it. You’ll be able to apply things easier back home because you got a big head start here.

10 Extraordinary Professionals.
          3 Incredible Days.
    +    1 Proven System.
Extraordinary Whole-Life Success!

The Early-Bird Special Has Already Passed
But Don’t Worry, There’s Still Room for You to Join Us At The
“Island Mastermind Retreat”
November 5 – November 7, 2015
Palm Beach Marriott Beach Resort
Singer Island, Florida 

This is a spectacular opportunity YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS!!

 You MUST attend this weekend if you want to ABSOLUTELY transform your Whole Life over the next 36 months

Have you achieved a degree of outward success, but are lacking the internal satisfaction that you thought would come with it?

Do you KNOW in your heart that you have more to offer the world, but just don’t know what your gift is or even how to figure it out?

Or, are you satisfied with your success in ONE area of your life, it’s just that the OTHER areas of your life are dismally out of balance?

– If you have an inkling that you could be doing a lot more with your life…

– If you are ready to create REAL change in your life, and get help doing it…

– If you are ready to Construct Your Whole-Life Success…

I’m your host, Ann McNeill.  I specialize in helping you set goals, but even more importantly showing you how to ACTUALLY achieve them. During this extraordinary weekend, I will work with you and no more than 10 other women to MasterMind a plan for your Whole-Life success.

Now, the word ‘Mastermind’ gets thrown around an awful lot these days, but when you attend this Island Mastermind Retreat, you will have the opportunity to work with one of THE most experienced MasterMinders around.  I founded the International MasterMind Association over 30 years ago.  No one knows as well as I do EXACTLY what it takes to get the greatest results possible from a MasterMind group.

Perhaps you know from your own experience the power of a MasterMind group. You know that meeting for just a few hours a month can exponentially change your personal outcomes.

Now imagine meeting for A SOLID THREE DAYS in an inspiring, luxurious setting, with a dozen other bright, entrepreneurial, motivated women like yourself to vision, plan and realize your whole-life success…

Can you feel the POWERHOUSE of energy that is going to be generated from this gathering?! Are you ready?